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Playing the Game of Wealth Management: How the L.E.A.P. Philosophy May Help


In a world where most people take their money extremely seriously, the topic of wealth management isn’t typically seen as a game.

But what if you could see it this way? If you had a clear understanding of the rules and risks associated with your money, would you feel empowered to make the smartest moves to sustain a solid financial future?

When you use the Lifetime Economic Acceleration Process (LEAP), you have an opportunity to become an informed and active player in your own personal wealth game. You may gain significant insight into how your money works, the pitfalls you must avoid to protect it and why keeping your money in motion could be the winning strategy you’re seeking.

A LEAP representative may assist you in:
Improving the Rules of the Financial Game: Protecting Wealth and Minimizing Eroding Factors
It’s less likely you can be an effective player in the game of wealth building if you don’t have a clear understanding of how money works or the forces that threaten to erode it. It’s a common misconception that your financial problems are the result of bad investments; it’s in fact more likely that eroding factors played a significant role. Part of the LEAP philosophy is educating you on these wealth-whittling influences, which include inflation, taxes, stock market declines, unforeseen lawsuits and more. When you develop a keen understanding of these dangers, you may be able to make the right moves to keep your money in motion and working for you, rather than staying stagnant and falling prey to “sitting duck” syndrome.
Developing a Winning Strategy: Keeping Money in Motion and Working Efficiently
You’re more than likely familiar with the simplistic approach of accumulating money in a financial account with the hope of amassing an increased value over time. Most financial representatives favor this arithmetic approach to wealth. The LEAP system seeks ways to get more for your money. Instead of allowing your wealth to compound in any one financial product, the LEAP model argues that money should stay in motion to perform in a “multiplier” fashion. When money is solely focused on one job and one rate of return, it’s essentially at rest and becomes an easier target for those costly eroding factors. In contrast, the LEAP system may allow you to easily identify the most advantageous aspects of your financial instruments and set them cooperatively in motion in a well-choreographed manner. This strategy may provide assets a better opportunity to perform more vigorously and could improve your ability to unleash your money’s full financial potential.
Seeing the Big Picture: Maximizing Advantages and Minimizing Disadvantages
LEAP offers a valid economic and financial model within, which blends financial science and visual simplification with a philosophy of protection-savings-growth to help you achieve the best possible outcomes for your wealth. Much like a game board, the model allows you to simulate financial strategies and view potential outcomes, facilitating confidence in your final decisions. Additionally, your knowledgeable LEAP agent will act as your financial architect, listening to your needs and desires, encouraging your participation and assisting you in selecting suitable products from financial institutions.

The LEAP model is scientifically proven and requires an initial goal of no additional out-of-pocket outlay for clients, providing a potentially low-risk approach to reaching your full wealth potential.

Gain a better understanding of your financial “game board” and the most advantageous “moves” to help obtain optimal wealth by contacting Scott Karl today at 559-307-6103 or by emailing him at [email protected].






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