Scott Karl College Planning Fresno
Serving Clients Throughout California

Scott Karl College Planning Fresno
Serving Clients Throughout California



If you’re like many parents today, you may be saving less for your kids’ college education. Many are instead putting money into general savings and retirement. At the same time, the cost of college continues to rise – making for a very unpleasant situation in the future when your children want to go to the college of their choice rather than the college that they can afford.

Scott Karl uses the L.E.A.P. system to help analyze opportunities and risks that families need to keep in mind early on, when considering how best to have enough college savings for their kids. By helping families consider factors like taxes, financial aid, and unforeseen changes in the future economy, new opportunities can arise that make for a college savings strategy for each family’s unique situation and needs.

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Scott was instrumental in helping us discover many hidden opportunities to help in reducing the cost of College.
-Jason D., Agriculture/Grower

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