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How Scott Karl Helps Families & Individuals Toward Their Financial Goals

When you’re looking for a professional to help manage your wealth—whether it’s to simply grow your portfolio or prepare for future financial expenditures, such as college or retirement—you’ll need a skilled financial representative.

But you’ll also need much more: A financial architect. A macro planner. Someone who may help you to see the big financial picture with an initial goal of no additional out-of-pocket outlay.

Read on to see how Scott Karl, a licensed financial representative and Lifetime Economic Acceleration Process (L.E.A.P.) licensee, may be able to help.

He’s a macro manager.

Many financial representatives and do-it-yourselfers operate as micro managers, either trained by their agencies or working as weekend warriors to add financial products without the intent of simultaneously improving the performance of all your other financial products. They tend to want to replace one product for another, promoting money working in isolation, rather than cooperatively with other products.

In contrast, a macro manager has the tools to demonstrate financial strategies that take into account how each financial decision affects your overall financial plan. Much like the conductor of an orchestra, who directs all of the musicians to attain the best sound and performance for the overall outcome, a macro manager works with you and your other advisors, such as the accountant who prepares your taxes or your attorney that prepares your will and trusts, to produce a comprehensive, coherent, and holistic personal economic plan that may yield the best possible result. Even more, he has the skills and a time-tested model, L.E.A.P., which may enable you to position your financial products in a way that potentially produces multiplying results.

With a micro manager, you may get 3+3=6.

With a macro manager, you may get 3×3=9.

Same numbers, but very different mathematical symbols. Which would you choose?

He’s a financial architect.

Do you have a financial junk drawer? You know, the catchall that includes all of the financial decisions you’ve made in your life thus far, from group benefits offered from various employers over the years to insurance policies to savings bonds acquired in childhood. It’s likely disorganized, uncoordinated, non-integrated, inefficient, ineffective and lacks control.

Beware the traditional financial representatives that may add even more clutter to your “drawer.” Unfortunately, many tend to stick with a boilerplate needs analysis that simply plugs in your personal numbers to create a set of calculations to quantify your needs and goals, instead of arranging money to work in a potential multiplier fashion, which takes a “kill two birds with one stone” approach to position money for possible optimal results.

Contrary to standard financial representatives, a L.E.A.P. agent resembles a financial architect who will listen to your needs and desires, encourage your participation in the process and may be able to show you how to reach your full wealth potential. This type of skilled financial expert can assist you in selecting suitable products from financial institutions that may provide you with the knowledge you need to enhance each product’s advantages while minimizing its disadvantages.

He utilizes the L.E.A.P. Systems methodology.

Before you can make smart decisions about your money, you might want to consider looking at your financial decisions in a broad context. In essence, you may need to have a strong grasp of how eroding factors can negatively affect your retirement assets.

The L.E.A.P. model may be able to offer you a “big picture” view of your financial future,

incorporating everything from income, debt and investments to insurance and taxes. This enables you to clearly see the impact of all your financial decisions. Many financial representatives’ recommendations and decisions are based on unproven concepts, bias, personal opinion, convenience, and sales persuasion, which makes it difficult to verify the results of a financial plan. In contrast, L.E.A.P. offers a valid economic and financial model within, which blends financial science and visual simplification with a philosophy of protection-savings-growth that may help you achieve your optimal financial potential. Much like a game board, the model allows you to simulate financial strategies and view potential outcomes, which may increase confidence about your final decisions.

And while most financial representatives have been taught to just allow money to compound, L.E.A.P. agents may be able to get money in motion to possibly create a multiplier effect that offers the potential for improved performance.

He is not a fee-based planner.

You deserve the opportunity to see how you may be able to best position your financial products to perform most efficiently without a hefty price tag.

Scott Karl has the skills to orchestrate a financial plan with an initial goal of no additional out-of-pocket outlay.

Gain a better understanding of your financial “game board” by contacting Scott Karl today at (559) 307-6103, or by emailing him at






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